[eDebate] topicality is a penalty and an appropriate one

Jonathan Karlin jonathanrkarlin
Sat Jun 2 14:50:01 CDT 2007


On 6/2/07, pacedebate at aol.com <pacedebate at aol.com> wrote:
> If you lose topicality you deserve to be penalized for at least two reasons:
> #1 you are an uninvited party crasher #2 there are better ways to achieve
> your goal.
>  #1 That's why tournaments invite people. In the invitation they indicate
> what topic is to be discussed. If you show up at a tournament that invited
> you to debate about the middle east and demand to talk about the genocide in
> darfur it seems the group is being more than a little lenient to allow you
> to speak at all. Indicating you lose seems like a minor penalty and doesn't
> really sound that much like exclusion. Exclusion would be the treatment you
> get when you show up at a World Cup match with shoulder pads and helmets and
> demand the right to play
>  #2 If you really think Darfur is more deserving of debate than the middle
> east then host a debate tournament and invite people to debate about Darfur.
> If people show up to your Darfur tournament and insist on debating about the
> middle east you would be justified in showing them the door.
>  what's truly a waste of time, not to mention money, is to attend a debate
> tournament about a particular topic and not plan to discuss that topic.
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