[eDebate] ans Mapes

Michael Korcok mmk_savant
Sat Jun 2 20:32:53 CDT 2007

Yeah.  "libertarian" doesn't mean "tolerant of scam artists".
You present yourself as possessing extra-human capabilities such as being able to speak to the dead, predicting the future, and psychically communicating with animals.  You do so for the purpose of taking the money of vulnerable and gullible people, many of whom are in emotional crises.  You do this by promising them love and understanding.
Benny Hinn and Ernest Angley do essentially the same thing using the religion grift.  You, John Edward, and those 2 all get exactly the scorn from me that you deserve.
Tell you what Michael...  how much change do I have in the desk drawer next to me?  You can telepathically ask my 6-line wrasse to help you out with this one...
Michael Korcok
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