[eDebate] topicality is a penalty and an appopriate one

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Tue Jun 5 09:56:51 CDT 2007

I agree with the sentiment expressed here, but this line sums up my argument
pretty well, while not trying to.

If topicality was not a penalty for the Aff, only complete idiots would be
> topical.

And so it is..the problem of course here is this is largely true and a
description of the status quo....but i think there is a benefit to those who
choose to be topical outside of the ability to win and i think thats  a
benefit that comes from playing within a set of rules despite the fact that
they are becoming increasingly voluntary (at least in front of approximatly
a quarter of the judges). This applies to the non topical folks as well, i
just think hey define the benfits they get from the shared set of rules and
a playing field with a bit more liberalism...

Gregg Hartney
> Jenks HS, Oklahoma
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