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Ok so  you are currently wasting a bunch of resources..how does your stance 
in this  discussion do anything to change that..
well my hope was that you would see the error of your ways and stop being  
the cause of the wasted resources for those in situations similar to  mine.
ok, that's not true. Although, there is a miniscule hope that you would see  
the light I'm pragmatic enough to realize you probably won't change your  

.im at  least offering an alt to the squo...
it's not a very good one. 

and we  will host public debates on darfur twice this summer, but if my 
debaters want  to talk about that when they go to tournaments i will encourage and 
support  them. 
which means you aren't really proposing an alternative other than "i plan  to 
let my debaters talk about whatever they want"
that seems like such a waste of resources both for your program and those  
who show up at tournaments hoping to debate the topic.

And  nothing anybody say in this discussion will change that...so again te 
question  becomes if you think its bad the drift away from the topic...how do 
you  propose stopping it

by voting on T and giving your debaters 20 speaker points each? I'm willing  
to do what it takes. Do you have a suggestion for me?
Based on some of the back channel's I'm getting I suspect the formation of  
another college debate organization may be in the works. Previously, I  thought 
that was kind of lame but if I were a college coach and I felt like too  many 
coaches were starting to approach debate like you are then I'd probably  want 
something new also.

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