[eDebate] what is education?

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Wed Jun 13 12:34:29 CDT 2007

Jackie, there is no reason to respond, since you choose not to read my argument.

However, quickly and tritely. If you don't like the resolutions, create a new
organization that writes topics you want to debate. But if you are going to
stay within this organization, debate the resolution that is chosen.

Let me give two quick examples of things to do other than refusing to debate the

The Cross Examination Debate Association was created, in part, because people
hated the way NDT was being run and thought there were better ways to write
resolutions. I see no reason why a new debate organization cannot be
created--there are dozens of them already. May I suggest the CPDA  "Critical
and Performative Debate Association."

Amend the CEDA constitution. Two proposals: First, go back to semester long
topics. Second, make topic papers authors provide three resolutions in their
papers and guarantee that those resolutions appear on the topic ballot.


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