[eDebate] question for jackie and andy

andy ellis andy.edebate
Wed Jun 13 19:19:46 CDT 2007

I think there are lines of distinction between child molestation, assault, bribery, and being non topical...they work as a metaphors but lose something when actually applied...however i think i would suggest if these things where going on in the community we should think of solutions to address and not just wish them away...

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Just wondering:
Given what I am extracting from your various arguments, what stops a team from just physically beating the shit out of the other team, or threatening the life and limb, or families, of the judges and tournament directors to get wins and ballots?
What's particularly wrong with them doing that?  How about bribes?  Is there any reason, within the confines of the ideas you've put forward on edebate, that a debater couldn't legitimately just offer judges money to vote for them?  
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