[eDebate] Topicality and Palestine

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In the event that a new term of art should become the correct term to replace the Palestinian Authority, I believe it is appropriate for the topic committee to switch to that term and/or delete the current term. 
I suspect the ideal time for such a decision would not be immediately.
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My interpretation of this event is not that there will no longer be an Palestinian Authority government, but rather that this refers to the current governing authority of the PA.  As I understand it, when "governments are dissolved" in Parliamentary systems this means that the new elections will be held.    The Olmert Government might be dissolved also, leading to new elections in Israel.  Some will describe it in the press as the government is dissolved, new elections will be called, and a new Israeli government will replace it.  If Abbas, who is the president of the elected parliament, acts to dissolve the government, I assume that means new elections will take place, not that there will no longer be a Palestinian Authority.  I might be wrong about this, we should remain on alert.
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