[eDebate] Topicality and Palestine

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
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I suggest that term of art is Palestine.

On 6/14/07, Morris, Eric R <EricMorris at missouristate.edu> wrote:
>  In the event that a new term of art should become the correct term to
> replace the Palestinian Authority, I believe it is appropriate for the topic
> committee to switch to that term and/or delete the current term.
> I suspect the ideal time for such a decision would not be immediately.
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>  My interpretation of this event is not that there will no longer be an
> Palestinian Authority government, but rather that this refers to the current
> governing authority of the PA.  As I understand it, when "governments are
> dissolved" in Parliamentary systems this means that the new elections will
> be held.    The Olmert Government might be dissolved also, leading to new
> elections in Israel.  Some will describe it in the press as the government
> is dissolved, new elections will be called, and a new Israeli government
> will replace it.  If Abbas, who is the president of the elected parliament,
> acts to dissolve the government, I assume that means new elections will take
> place, not that there will no longer be a Palestinian Authority.  I might be
> wrong about this, we should remain on alert.
> bill n
> emory
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