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Sat Jun 16 08:11:54 CDT 2007

For the Stephen guy who chose to engage in a festive game of quote Massey and then misinterpret what he means to my 

1	Your post is too long for a cover all answer ? I will answer a few of you?re your ?presses? and unveil what you cant see I 

2.	You miss the point on the topic could be good, but the impact of verbalizing things you disagree with along with the 
resolution forcing he affirmative into bad solutions so the negative can have something to say diffuses this. Yeah that part 
swamps your ?I am a debater I want to know what the affirmative will say? ? it?s deeper than that. My novices can answer a 
non-topical aff, surely someone with a 9 page edebate post has the same ability? (sometimes closed mindedness inhibits 
peoples ability to 

3.	Your explanation of the topic balancing aff and neg wins is dumb, just like the topic framers. I am criticizing this process 
your defending. Its not so hunky dory. 

4.	Everything might be education, but my use of the term is not as broad as you want to paint it. You know this, you just 
hope dumb people that agree with you read edebate and go ?yeah? ?yeah? 

5.	You say 
Then Jackie asks (well, rhetorically), 
"It serves no educational function to learn how to criticize bad forms of 
education?...There was once a routinized form of education in Germany that 
was pushed upon people for many years." 

You caught us. Policy debaters are part of a secret Neo-Nazi plot to take 
over America. But aside from just attacking your absurd analogy, I'll 
actually answer your argument (something that hasn't happened much in this 
lovely e-debate, but then again, people's analogies really have sucked). 

Rhetorically huh? When is it not? If you understood my argument, then you could poke fun at it. However, you do not get my 
part about how debate promotes routinized decisionmaking. I think some people in debate do bread nazi like ideologies, I 
would be afraid to identify, you might be one yourself since you admit it. Who is the ?us? in you caught ?us?? Are we picking 
teams now? Or, do you hope someone reading who will identify with you which makes you feel good about your post? Read 

Your answer then was ? 

Sure, it serves an educational function. The question is 
a) does that educational function maintain the competitive balance of our 
b) does that educational function have to happen in our competitive game. 


Those aren?t answers, only more questions. I say education over game. Game 1st bad. 
Good argument 1st good 
Forcing aff to defend bad argument because of reasons you describe ? bad??? 
This summarizes your whole post for those tired of reading?? 

6 ? Then you tell me how to direct my team ? I needed your help whoever you are?.. 

It is a competitive activity in which we research a topic and argue about it. Jackie 
says "If your moderate debate is your training ground." Alright. Debate is a 
training ground for moderates. If you want to train liberal activists, go to 
a training ground for liberal activists. You don't have to leave. You can do 
both, as long as when you're in debate, you do debate 

How about debate was a training ground for moderates, now those days are over. The radicals are here, debate will change, 
pull up your pants and quit whining and trying to tell me how to approach debate. I love this activity, just not when closed 
minded shallow individuals like yourself cant? handle change and difference. You should go to parli... (just kidding - stay here 
and learn) 

7 ? My onslaught on policy debate --- how about we discuss your love for carl rove?? 
FYI ? I don?t have to avoid the topic to beat Mead and Beardon. Very few teams even say the world nuclear war against our 
teams, mostly because they cant spell ?critical? or ?kritical? - take the challenge, next time you debate OU, read every 
beardon and mead card you have. We might spot you links?? 

?	your assertions are bleeding 

8 ? ?Of course Jackie says? - I probably say it every year about this time. Is this your way of trying to ridicule me? Your such 

But of course, Jackie says, 
"Until we get topics that allows the affirmative to truly provide'solutions' 
to the problem areas we vote for, people will be non-topical for many 
legitimate reasons that are impacted via education." 

I'm pretty sure a topical aff is a "solution" to a problem (advantage). Many 
teams have even won on the aff before by proving this. Ohhhh, but you don't 
personally think they are good solutions? Why have the topic committee go 
through the literature on the topic area to find solvency for predictable 
plan mechanisms when we can just all ask Jackie what the best solution is? 

Duh waldo, i dont want to pick the solutions for each person to defend, people should pick their own based on the problem 
area. You say "security assistance" i say "recognize a Palestenian state" -- two "different" solutions. 
Your are so borderline irrelevant and definitely non-attentive. My argument is we shouldn?t have the solution, just an actor and 
direction. Dont call me, you can come to my high school camp though. I will tell you the answers. Before that though, go 
back and read my argument before you waste my time like this. Your post is chaos, just like an ineffective kritiks bad frontline 
from the late 90?s. 

Your analysis on switch side debate that follows is irrelevant also. 

My advice for you, since you offered plenty of unsolicited advice for me. 

Next time read my arguments, don?t attempt to construe then to say what you wish it said, and quit defending traditional 
debate for a slap on the back from your friends. 

Since you have gotten nothing right at this point except you captured direct quotes, I think I am done. 

The rest of your attacks are somewhat personal in a sense that you only disco through my posts offering no substantive 
discussion and definitely have not began to access the impact part of my argument, only to admit that debate breads more 



PS ? My alternative is to not let people with your mindset frame the topics??. 

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