[eDebate] new topic paper on Global warming Ans. Steve

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Wed Jun 20 22:28:47 CDT 2007

David makes good points. What is sad is that it appears the "real world" policy
makers' concerns for short term impacts are blinding them to really making
necessary changes. The new time frames are now less than ten years. I guess
global warming will not ever become a viable topic of policy debate--either the
impacts are too long term for viable affirmatives, or by the time an affirmative
can claim timely impacts, it will be too late to solve. The problem I always had
with any of the warming debates was that no change in U.S. domestic policy--I
believe the resoltution called for U.S. Regulations--really affects India and
China. Those solvency take outs were and are just too damn good. That is the
key hole with the Kyoto treaty by the way--China and India get a free pass, and
they are out polluting the U.S.

My conclusion: I will continue to use multiple pieces of toilet paper in spite
of Sheyl Crow, drive my Toyota Tundra and run my air conditioner full blast. We
might as well be comfortable if the whole world is going to hell and there is
nothing that can be done about it.


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