[eDebate] Why does the affirmative get to choose the resolution?

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Fri Jun 22 08:47:30 CDT 2007

On 6/22/07, scottelliott at grandecom.net <scottelliott at grandecom.net> wrote:
> I love the examples given: Resolved: Genocide in __________ should be
> stopped.
> Great grounds for a debate. That makes for great debates.

It does if you have to come up with a solution....because it means you are
not topical if you dont solve

Regardless, my question for the topic anarchists is:
> Why does the affirmative get to choose which resolution they get to
> debate?
> Why shouldn't the negative get  either a) just as much right to have input
> on
> the resolution to be debated or b)get to choose the resolution that the
> affirmative has to affirm?

The negative should get to offer an alt....comapre it to the aff...or defend
the squo, comapre it to the aff

I don't see "we speak first" as a vald rationale for
> giving the affirmative the power to create their own resolution. And, your
> affirmative right to autonomy runs smack over my negative's autonomy. So,
> that
> does not seem to cut it either.
> What if the negative refuses to accept the terms of the debate, the
> affirmative's imposed resolution? Why should the negative lose?

They should explain why they think the  squo  res is better...

If the negative reads off five alternative resolutions that would be better
> for
> debate/education, and wins one, do they win? Sounds worse than Korcock's
> plan-plan idea.

probably not if the aff can explain why multiple alts are bad

Can the affirmative merely "perm" alternative resolutions presented by the
> negative by saying "we can talk about that too"?

A res is better for this because a res that says " r: the us should stop
genocide in darfur and aboplish prisons" probably has some disads that
wouldnt come from one or the other....and is probably less permable than an
aff on genocide without a res....

If I acccept the affirmative's alternative resolution, can I run a T
> violation
> based on that alt. resolution?

Absolutly, net benefit over the squo for alternative teams...if someone
declraes a topic but doesnt meet it under my standard you can run t on em...

Questions that I think should be answered.

on the way to the airport will talk more later if you like....

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