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Fri Jun 22 14:00:19 CDT 2007

Gulliver prep in Miami Florida has an opening for an assistant debate coach
for the 2007-2008 school year. The current assistant debate coach
teaches 2speech classes, supervises the computer lab one period during
lunch and
helps teach the debate I class. The after school debate duties include,
assist students in researching and writing files, watching and critiquing
practice debates, and assist in developing strategies. There is also
extensive travel associated with this position.

Here is a quote from my current coach.

A typical day starts at the crack of 11:00am, when I roll into the teacher
lot, take a gander at the day's paper, and begin my workday with a leisurely
lunch. At 11:45, I move to the computer lab, where I do debate work and
generally ignore what's going on around me. Then I teach a Speech class,
help Holmes with a debate class, and finally, teach my last period of Speech
class until 3:05. Then I'll work with debate students, most days until 4:30,
sometimes until 6:00 if we're doing a practice debate.

This year, we have traveled/will travel to Wake Forest, the Meadows, New
Trier, University of Miami, St. Mark's, University of Florida, the
Glenbrooks, Alta, MBA, Lexington, Pine Crest, Pace, Emory, Berkeley, the
Florida Varsity and Novice State tournaments, the NDCA, and the TOC.

The position is part-time but might change if other teaching openings become
available. The pay is around 30,000 a year. Part-time positions do not
include any health benefits. There are some educational benefits included
but I'm not sure what they are.The qualified person should have a college
degree, and experience in policy debate. Teaching certificate not require.

If you have any questions please email me.
Email r?sum? to  Robert Holmes at crshrsh at gmail.com

This needs to be done fast!!!!!

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