[eDebate] CEDA Exec Sect: March Report

Jeffrey Jarman jeffrey.jarman
Sat Mar 3 22:07:18 CST 2007

Hi Everyone:

Several items to report right now.

First, if you want to submit an amendment for consideration at the  
CEDA business meeting, you must send me the text no later than  
Friday, March 9.  If you have questions about the process, please do  
not hesitate to ask.

Second, the results from the elections are now complied.  Those  
elected include:
Gordon Stables (Southern Cal), 2nd Vice President
Greta Stahl (Michigan State), Topic Committee At-large
Tiffany Dillard (Louisville), Southeast Central Representative
Derek Buescher (Puget Sound), Northwest Representative
Marissa Silber (Florida), Southeast Representative
Brent Brossmann (John Carroll), East Central Representative
Kristin Hamilton Tudor (Sac State), West Representative
There was a tie between Justin Green & Heather Walters for the Mid  
America position.

All of the amendments passed.  The vote counts are listed below.

#1:  Awards Committee, 35-4
#2:  Tournament Site Committee, 35-4
#3:  Professional Development Committee, 35-4
#4:  Ethics Committee, 33-6
#5:  Regional Representatives, 33-4
#6:  Emerging Programs Initiative, 36-2
#7:  Nomination Process, 32-7


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