[eDebate] JV/Novi Nationals Octafinals Judges

Daniel Overbey dan.debate
Sun Mar 4 21:56:34 CST 2007

The following judges will be needed in the morning.  There are also standby
judges listed below, and it is HIGHLY likely you will be needed.

Pairings will be out at 7:00am at the Clarion Hotel Morgan and Waterfront
Place (ok, REALLY close to 7:00am at both places...)

Rounds will start at 8:30.


   *Names* Barnes Baxter-kauf x2 Cramer Davis Delong Diggs Evans-Wilson
Fletcher Flinn Forchione Green Hall Harlow Hitchcock Johnson Katsulas Khan
Knops Krebs Linford Louden Marty McDaniel Miller Montano Nagy Neal Ni
Patrice Peters Prieur Rosen Rubino Schatz Snider Sovacool Steinberg Tarsi
Thomas Varghese Webster  Willis Woods  *Standby* Massey


 Self Flinn Goss Barnes-Williams
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