[eDebate] CEDA Topic Process Update

Gordon Stables stables
Mon Mar 5 04:48:50 CST 2007

All of the papers that have been submitted to the CEDA Topic Selection 
Committee are now available to be viewed at the ceda topic website 

There are also open threads for each topic at the topic blog 
http://blog.cedatopic.com/   Based on the volume of comments that took 
place last summer, it would be a tremendous help to the committee if 
comments could be left on that site. I will open new threads as specific 
conversations warrant, so feel free to provide your input. You may also 
subscribe to the topic blog by following the links at the bottom of the 
page and thus stay in regular contact with blog traffic. There will also 
be an open meeting at CEDA Nationals to facilitate the conversation.

The process now moves to the creation of a ballot for community vote. As 
specified by the CEDA constitution, "/Within two weeks of the national 
tournament the committee will report to the Executive Secretary no fewer 
than three problem areas to be voted upon by the general membership."/  
The committee will now begin reviewing the papers and your questions and 
comments are much appreciated.

Finally, I would like to take an opportunity to thank all of these 
volunteers who gave of their own time and energy to help the community. 
I would note that every paper that was submitted appears on the site. It 
is important to note that two of these ideas (genetic technology and 
nonproliferation) were not on the original list last summer, but instead 
the work of members of the community. I hope their work encourages 
others to review the guidelines for controversy papers  at 
http://www.cedatopic.com/controversy.html  to consider submitting a 
paper in the future.


Chair-CEDA Topic Selection Committee


Gordon Stables, Ph.D.

Director of Debate

Annenberg School for Communication

University of Southern California

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