[eDebate] JV/Nov. Nats finals, special awards, etc.

NEIL BERCH berchnorto
Mon Mar 5 19:02:28 CST 2007

Finals are underway in Morgantown.  I can report the finals pairings and the 
special awards.  Complete results will be posted in the coming days.

In JV, the final round is between Wake Forest SW and Binghamton CR (panel is 
not immediately available, but I would assume that it includes multiple West 
Point judges).
In Novice, the final is a matchup between USMA LR and Binghamton BP.  Again, 
I don?t have the panel handy.

The John Jacobsohn Memorial Award went to Beth Skinner and Andy Ellis from 
Towson University for their efforts to expand the reach of debate in the 
Baltimore area and beyond.  This certainly fits the criterion of significant 
public service, and I hope that more schools are able to support this 
initiative in the coming years.

The Peter Borsay Award (to someone who has served in the military who has 
used the power of words for peaceful purposes) went to Major Joe Scrocca of 
the United States Military Academy.  Major Scrocca, the outgoing Director of 
Debate at USMA, served in this position for the usual two-year term.  What 
was unusual about his service was the degree to which he engaged himself in 
our community.

The Neil Butt Judging Award (to the judge among the 10 most preferred who 
wrote the best ballots) went to Katie Baxter-Kauf from Rochester.  She won a 
spirited competition with Mike Baxter-Kauf, who may or may not have been 
ineligible by virtue of winning last year.  The others among the 10 most 
preferred judges were Joe Patrice, Kathryn Rubino, and Christy Webster of 
USMA, Mike Davis of James Madison, Gordie Miller and Ken Johnson of 
Rochester, Megan Harlow of Vermont, and Justin Green of Kansas State.

The Best Newcomer Award (to the highest-placing speaker in the Novice 
division who did not begin debating until 2007?yes, just 9 weeks ago) went 
to Rachel Ford of Appalachian State.

Most of all, I want to thank everyone who helped make the tournament go in 
my absence.  That includes all of the debaters and coaches who showed 
understanding all weekend, Darren ?Chief? Elliott, who served as Honorary 
Tournament Director, ML Sandoz, who played a special role, Tuna Snider, who 
kept me posted on events, and others too numerous to mention.

Thanks to Dan Overbey and Mark Schaefer, who stepped in to tab the 
tournament, to the WVU alums who came back to judge, and to the families of 
WVU debaters who helped with hospitality.  I was really touched by all of 
your efforts.

Finally, thanks to WVU Assistant Coaches Joshua K. Boggs and Mylinda 
McDaniel, and the entire WVU Debate Team.  I have never been more proud to 
be associated with a group of students.

I begin treatment Tuesday morning, and I want to thank everyone who has sent 
me kind wishes, thoughts, good karma, and prayers (I?m not picky; I?ll take 
whatever you?ve got to offer!).
--Neil Berch
West Virginia University

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