[eDebate] High School Julia Burke Award Nomination Deadline

lexy green lexdevil
Mon Mar 5 22:41:00 CST 2007

The deadline for submitting nominations for the high school Julia Burke Award is March 15--just ten days from now.  More information on the award is available at:


Any policy debater who is eligible, or expected to be eligible to compete in the TOC may be nominated for the award. Policy debaters, coaches and judges are invited to nominate one individual per person by March 15th. Nominations should include the name and school of the nominee, the reasons for the nomination preferably including examples and anecdotes, and the identity of the person submitting the nomination including his/her name, affiliation with the debate community (debater, coach or judge), and school affiliation. The nomination should be submitted to The Julia Burke Award Committee as follows:
By e-mail to: 
Marilyn_Burke at JuliaBurkeFoundation.com
CallMeHuls at aol.com
Or by FAX to: (925) 284-4190

Lexy Green
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