[eDebate] spring break fun

Kevin Sanchez let_the_american_empire_burn
Tue Mar 6 03:38:14 CST 2007

groups on both myspace and facebook have set a goal for themselves that may 
interest some debaters - to recruit enough folks to convince the colbert 
report to invite slavoj zizek on the show.

here's the links:


so far there's 228 users on facebook and 71 on myspace. please ask as many 
of your friends as possible to join, and participate in the 
letter/email/post-writing campaign that's soon to ensue. in colbert-ese, 
this could be referred to as a "vote bomb". don't miss out.

\\\\\    kevin.sanchez at gmail.com

With tax season right around the corner, make sure to follow these few 
simple tips. 

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