[eDebate] NDT scouting info -- please read

Ross K. Smith smithr
Tue Mar 6 11:06:10 CST 2007

The Wake Coaching staff offered to be this year's NDT pre-tournament 
"Scouting Director" to complement and coordinate with Becky Opsata who 
will be the Director at the tournament.

As you may recall from the excellent efforts of Stefan Bauschard last 
year, our job is to collect and organize aff and neg info on each of the 
attending schools/teams.

Much like with the Wake caselist preceding our tournament, the effort 
involves some self-disclosure combined with what we dig up and what you 
send us about your opponents' arguments.

All will be posted on the wiki at http://opencaselist.wikispaces.com/

J.P. Lacy will have further information, requests, and/or instructions.

Meanwhile, we have divided the responsibility for list creation and 
maintenance among our coaches as follows, so go ahead and send them 
useful info:

D1: Joe Packer <packjc5 at wfu.edu>
D2 and D4: Casey Harrigan  <harrcd6 at wfu.edu>
D3: Brad Hall  <hallbc2 at WFU.EDU>
D5: Sarah Spring <sprise5 at wfu.edu>
D6: Ross Smith
D7: Paul Johnson <johnpe5 at wfu.edu>
D8 and D9: Brian DeLong <delobl6 at wfu.edu>

Ross K. Smith
Debate Coach
Wake Forest University

336-758-5268 (o)
336-251-2076 (cell)


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