[eDebate] Thanks to WVU and all the teams who attended

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Tue Mar 6 11:14:43 CST 2007

I think this is probably my favorite tournament of the year, i love jv and
novice nats and this years tournament was fun, smooth, and as had the
hospitality we have come to expect from West Virgina.

I enjoyed the debates i got to judge and was impressed with both the high
quality of debates and the sense of community,it very much had the feel of
nationals. I missed getting to see Neil, though his debaters do seem to
embody many of the things i love most about being at tournaments Neil
attends and hosts .

Thank you to all the people already mentioned, but also to all the debaters
and coaches who made this a competitive, but not overly stressful or
contentious tournament...All around seemed to be enjoying themselves and
thats a testament to the work of the wvu team, alums, coaches, campus,
family and friends.

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