[eDebate] The ADA Julia Burke Award Finalists List - RESEND

bratt at capitol-debate.com bratt
Wed Mar 7 13:36:41 CST 2007

The 3 Finalists for the 2007 Julia Burke Award for Excellence and
Character in ADA Debate are in alphabetical order by last name:
Melina Forte
Alexis Gonzalez-Black
Matt Scorcio
Congratulations to the other nominees:
Amanda Costa
Brent Culpepper
Tyler Grimm
Sean McClure
Gabe Murillo
Kevin Rabinowitz
The nominees were ranked by the Julia Burke Committee composed of ADA
coaches and the Julia Burke Foundation.
But now the community has the final say.  Each attendee at the ADA
Nationals will have one ballot and each school will be assigned one
ballot.  The award will be presented on Sunday evening at the ADA
Thank you to everyone that participated in the nomination and voting
Ron Bratt

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