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Thu Mar 8 09:53:56 CST 2007


Some people were moved from the Town and Country Inn and Suites to other hotels.

If you have not received information concerning where your reservations have been transferred, call me ASAP.

Guest Inn:  Darren Goins, Towson University
                 Ed Lee, Emory
                 Michael Hester, West Georgia
                 Scott Harris, Univ of Kansas
Super 8:  Eric Morris, Springfield MO
              Sarah Partlow, Idaho State
              Gordon Mitchell, Univ of Pittsburgh
              Dallas Perkins, Harvard
Residence Inn by Marriott:    Sam Maurer, Emporia
                                          Greta Stahl, MSU

All of these places have internet access.

If you need a place to stay, I am going to find places that still have rooms available and post later today.

You should contact me if you have no reservations.  If you are going to cancel rooms at the Sooner Legends, please do so, 
where people can be moved who are on the waiting list.

I hope to see everyone in Norman.

We have 196 teams now.  I want to host 200 teams.  Please bring teams.

If you are too poor to afford housing, email me and we can see what the OU team might do for you.

Jackie Massey and OU Debate
2007 CEDA Nationals Host

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