[eDebate] ADA Nationals Update #2 (MPJ)

Hall, Michael P. Debate mphall
Thu Mar 8 12:22:19 CST 2007

Preferences are now active on debateresults.com.  Online prefs will
remain open until 5:00 pm tomorrow (Friday) afternoon.  You must have 13
judges in category one, 13 in category two, 12 in category three, and 12
in category four.  You can place a maximum of 5 judges in category 6
(strike).  The remainder of your judges (if any) should by placed in
category five.  "Constrained" judges count as 5's.  Teams with a large
number of constrained judges may end up with fewer than 12 judges in
category four.  That's OK.

Michael P. Hall

Acting Director of Debate

Liberty University

Lynchburg, VA 24502


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