[eDebate] NDT Tournament Fees: Important Announcement

Sherry Hall shahall
Mon Mar 12 20:30:47 CDT 2007

Greetings All:


As the NDT is fast approaching, I am writing to help us all get organized for paying the tournament fees. 


First: How to Calculate your NDT Fees.


The NDT Fees for this year are:


$100.00 per team 

$100.00 per participant

$165.00 per observer


Each team is charged $100.00 to cover tournament expenses such as awards and tab room expenses.


A participant is defined as a  member of a debate team actually debating at the tournament, and the judges to cover that team.  The number of participant judges per team is limited.

1 team  = 4 participants (2 debaters + 2 Judges)

2 teams = 7 participants (4 debaters + 3 Judges)

3 teams = 11 participants (6 debaters + 5 Judges)

The participant fee covers food at the tournament and has been subsidized by the generous contribution of many donors.


An observer is any other person who is not a participant and who will be in the announcement room.  Observers include: judges beyond the amount considered participants, scouts, alums, parents, etc.  Given the set-up for the NDT no one will be allowed into the announcement room who has not paid an observer fee as all meals will be served in the room and there is no way to control access to the meals.

The observer fee covers food at the tournament and reflects the actual per-person charge for the 7 meals provided.


If you have qualified 2 teams and are bringing a total of 12 people your fees would be calculated as follows:


2 teams @ $100                       = $200.00

7 participants @ $100              = $700.00

5 observers @ $165.00            = $825.00

Total                                        =$1725.00


Second: How to Pay by Credit Card


If you plan to pay your fees by credit card, you must fill out the attached form and send it back to me by March 26, 2007, at shahall at comcast.net.  The form contains the information necessary for me to authorize your credit card.  Pre-authorization is necessary to make credit card payments economical.  If you don't get preauthorized, you will not be allowed to pay by credit card.  No exceptions will be made.


The Standing Rules of the NDT require payment by either cash, certified check, travelers check or credit card.  However, I will accept INSTITUTIONAL checks for fees this year, as an experiment pending a proposed relaxation of this rather antiquated rule.




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