[eDebate] Debate Teacher position in Korea

Jason Jarvis debatekorea
Tue Mar 13 00:41:18 CDT 2007

I have been asked by a private english teaching academy to pass on this job 
announcement.  If you have questions about the job, please email the contact 
people at the bottom of the message directly.  As I do not work for this 
academy I cannot provide any information directly related to it or the job, 
except to say that they are looking for a debate teacher who is a native 
english speaker.  You would be teaching high school or middle school 


Jason L. Jarvis

Chief Adjudicator, 14th All Asian Debate Championship

Korea English Debate Association
(incorporated association)

Debate Teacher Recruitment Information
You will get certicficate form KEDA(incorporated association)
*If you're a world class debater, we can provide you as followings.

Working conditions
* A salary of 3.5 million+KRW per month
* Furnished accommodations (Rent-free, single, fully-furnished apt.)
* One month severance pay upon completion of a 1 year contract
* Round-trip airfare (upon completion of a 1 year contract)
* 10 days paid holidays in addition to paid Korean national holidays
* 50% of health insurance & National Pension
* Sponsorship for E2 visa
* A safe and stimulating work environment
* Job security and fair treatment in the workplace

Working hours are as follows:
2:00PM-10:00PM (including maximum 35 teaching hours per week)-negotiable
Working day: five days per week(including Saturday or Sunday)
If you work weekends, you can work only 4days(including weekends) per week.

What else we provide:
Full job details before you sign the contract (including location, salary,
age of students, schedule, position requirements)
Airport pickup and transfers
Support during your stay from our English speaking staff

Contact Information
allykje at yahoo.co.kr : Ally
rocketmail1204 at yahoo.co.kr : Veronica
  Contact number: C.P 82)+10 ? 5596 ? 5272
                            Tel : 82)+2 ? 558 ? 5272, 5296

The average US Credit Score is 675. The cost to see yours: $0 by Experian. 

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