[eDebate] CEDA Nats Update #3

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Tue Mar 13 21:52:44 CDT 2007


If you do not have lodging, and need help please feel free to email me.

There are a few things i wanted to inform you about conerning the tournament hotel.

There are a few places you will find only in Oklahoma, close to the hotel you have to consider.

No, not the liquor store across the street from the tournament hotel, nor the 24 hour Taco Bell next to the liquor store.  Its 

Just north of the hotel about 1/2 block is a Braums.  Really really good..
Ice cream is their specialty..

Just east of the hotel is  Del Ranchos.  If you like Steak Sandwichces, this is the place to go.  They have been in Oklahoma 
since Ken Strange was in diapers, which was right before Josh Hoe left Tulsa.

The last thing is dont forget your Basketball shoes.  There will be some prime opportunities to play, and I am trying to get my 
goal down to the hotel.  

If you have any questions send them my way.



PS - Shirts are ordered.  If you are judging, but not with a school, please send us an email to let us know your size preference, 
and maybe one will fit.

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