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Below I've copied 3 job postings for lecturer positions next year at UNLV. the positions have no official tie to the debate team that will be starting next year, but...

If you're qualified, interested in Las Vegas, and would like to work with me on my new plan to take over the world, I encourage you to apply.

Jake Thompson

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University of Nevada - Las Vegas - Three Visiting Instructors for the
2007-2008 (Thomas R. Burkholder)


From: Thomas R. Burkholder tom.burkholder at unlv.edu

The Department of Communication Studies at the University of Nevada -
Las Vegas seeks three Visiting Instructors for the 2007-2008 academic
year.  Each position is for a one-year term but is potentially renewable
twice based on continued need, available funding, and satisfactory
performance.  Salary and benefits package are competitive.

Position One:  The successful applicant will  teach four (4) classes
each semester in interpersonal communication and related areas such as
small group, nonverbal, and possibly organizational communication.  ABD
in Communication Studies or a closely related field required; PhD

Positions Two and Three:  The successful applicants will teach two (2)
large classes (enrolling 125+ students) each semester of introductory
public speaking and/or introductory interpersonal communication.  Those
teaching public speaking will assist in supervising graduate students
who serve as instructors/graders for small, break-out speaking sections.
MA in Communication Studies or a closely related field required; ABD or
PhD preferred.

Positions will remain open until filled.  Questions regarding all three
positions should be directed to Thomas R. Burkholder by email at
tom.burkholder at unlv.edu or by phone at 702.895.4376.  Applicants should
send a letter specifying the position of interest, curriculum vita, and
three letters of recommendation to:

Thomas R. Burkholder, Chair
Department of Communication Studies
University of Nevada - Las Vegas
4505 Maryland Parkway, Box 454052
Las Vegas, NV 89154-4052

Dr. Jacob Thompson
Assistant Professor, Director of Forensics
Department of Communication Studies
University of Northern Iowa
343 Lang Hall
phone: 319-273-7200
fax: 319-273-7356
jacob.thompson at uni.edu
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