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Thu Mar 15 14:06:11 CDT 2007

All of you out there who are interested in activism, particularly with  
Native American issues, should check this opportunity out:
Program Number:   92240

Title:            College Internship Program                                  

Sponsor:          Indian Land Tenure Foundation


 The sponsor seeks to fund programs placing highly motivated

undergraduate and graduate students who have demonstrated interest in

Indian land tenure issues into reservation-based tribal land and

land-related offices to participate in activities addressing a variety

of land issues. 

Deadline(s):      04/02/2007 

Established Date: 03/12/2007

Follow-Up Date:   05/01/2007

Review Date:      03/12/2007


Address:          151 East County Road B2

                  Little Canada, MN 55117-1523 


E-mail:           _info at indianlandtenure.org_ 
(mailto:info at indianlandtenure.org) 

Web Site: 

Program URL: _http://www.indianlandtenure.org/grants/grants.htm_ 

Tel:              651-766-8999                  

Fax:              651-766-0012        

Deadline Ind:     Receipt                                                

Deadline Open:    No


Award Type(s):    Internships

Citizenship/Country of Applying Institution: 

                  Any/No Restrictions

Locations Tenable:    U.S.A. Institution (including U.S. Territories)

Appl Type(s):     Colleges/Universities

Target Group(s):  NONE

Funding Limit:    $24,000   MAXIMUM

Duration:         3 SEMESTR

Indirect Costs:   Yes

Cost Sharing:     No

Sponsor Type:     Foundations

Geo. Restricted:  NO RESTRICTIONS                                         



 The sponsor seeks to fund a College Internship Program open to

addressing all four of ILTF?s strategies with activities designed to

give a college student, a tribe and an educational institution the

opportunity to address identified land-related issues. 

 Education Strategy: Educate every Indian landowner about Indian

land tenure issues so that knowledge becomes power when decisions to

create positive futures are made. 

 Economic Strategy: Increase economic assets of Indian landowners by

gaining control of Indian land and creating financial models that

convert land into leverage. 

 Legal Reform Strategy: Reform legal mechanisms governing

sovereignty of Indian land to recapture physical, cultural, and

economic assets of Indian people. 

 Cultural Strategy: Use Indian land to help Indian people discover

their culture. 


 Eligible applicants are tribal colleges and mainstream colleges or

universities with Indian study programs. 


 The sponsor will target up to fifteen tribal colleges or

universities and five mainstream college or university Indian Studies

programs for funding of one intern per semester allowing up to $8,000

per internship (including stipend, college credit scholarship, travel,


stipulations, or housing); minimum of three semesters and no more than

nine credits total; with a maximum of $24,000 per educational

institution for three semesters.  (bjv) 

KEYWORDS:         Culture

                  Native Americans



                  Legal Reform

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