[eDebate] CEDA: Problem Area Voting for Next Year

Jeffrey.Jarman Jeffrey.Jarman
Sat Mar 17 07:25:36 CDT 2007

2007-2008 ? Problem Area Ballot

It is time to vote on the problem area for next year.  Ballots are due by 
April 15.  You can login online to 
vote at:  http://ballot.cedadebate.org

If you do not get a password to login, please email me.

The information below concerns the ballot and is from Gordon Stables, Chair of 
the Topic Committee.
Note: This year we asked authors to develop problem area papers with specific 
attention to the most 
significant public policy controversy in that body of literature. These 
?controversies? may be understood 
as the specific theme of a topic. Anyone who has explained the topic to 
someone from outside the 
debate community may also recognize these themes as those brief summaries of 
the debate topic. 
We have developed the voting options for this ballot from those controversies. 
The wording you see 
below will function as the parameters for the committee?s work in wording a 
specific topic. This does 
not mean that the following words are locked into a topic, but rather that the 
following controversies 
will serve as guiding precedents for our work. The basic topic concept and 
direction are the types of 
information you should regard as fixed in each of these controversies. 
Phrasing the topics as 
controversies in each ?area? paper should allow you, the community, to vote on 
with a clearer 
understanding of what the final resolution will ultimately look like. The 
specific problem areas for 
2007-08 are:

Should the US increase regulation of genetic engineering?

Should the US increase constructive engagement in the Middle East?

Should the US further expand democracy promotion among its allies?

Should the US moderate its military programs or doctrines in order to increase 
their consistency with 
international nonproliferation regimes?

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