[eDebate] Calling all NDT Alums – This One’s For You!

Stefan Bauschard SBauschard
Sat Mar 17 09:24:23 CDT 2007

This year?s National Debate Tournament is the first in the tournament?s 60 year history to operate without an institutional host.  The tournament has been made possible through the generous support of its alumni, and so it has been named the ?2007 Alumni NDT.?

I invite you now to see the progress at www.2007ndt.org  I invite you to check back throughout the tournament for current updates.

Hopefully I will see many of you in Dallas on March 29th-April 2 to celebrate the event.

If you plan on attending, we?d love a heads-up.  

If you are able to make a financial contribution to support the tournament, we?d also love to hear from you.  We continue to work hard to raise funds to make this Alumni NDT one of the very best.

Stefan Bauschard

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