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Gary Larson Gary.N.Larson
Mon Mar 19 11:20:34 CDT 2007

The second question first:  Yes any judge can be any number 1-158 as long as at any/every point in your ranking when sorted, you've not assigned a rank worse than the actual number of judges ranked to that point. In your first 50 judges ranked no judge can be ranked higher than 50, in your first 100 judges ranked no judge can be higher than 100, etc.

Regarding strikes, any judge ranked 142-158 will be an absolute strike (the equivalent of category 9 - 17 judges).  Based on past CEDA Nats precedent though, you can expect that you will not receive any judge higher than 90 (category 5) prior to elimination and probably no judge higher than 107 (category 6) after elimination (though the latter can't be promised absolutely).

The spreadsheet tool indicates where the category boundaries would be in a 1-9 system for the sake of comparison.  At the end of the tournament, I will document what the pref and mutuality was in ordinal terms and in category equivalents.  I will also publish what the computer prefs would have been had the tournament used categories for comparison purposes.

>>> Ruth Zisman <zisman at bard.edu> 3/19/2007 11:07 AM >>>
Hello Mr Larson,

I have 2 questions about the CEDA prefs.

1. How many strikes is each team allowed, and what number do you  
assign to a strike?

2. Since there are 158 judges, does this mean each judge can be any  
number from 1-158 so long as no rankings break the "operative  

Ruth Zisman

Ruth Zisman
Director of Debate
Bard College
zisman at bard.edu 

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