[eDebate] Grad Assistant Position --Western Illinois University

Ilon Lauer MI-Lauer
Mon Mar 19 16:00:04 CDT 2007

Western Illinois University has one Graduate Assistantship Position
available for next year. The position pays full tuition and offers a stipend
to cover your monthly expenses. Additionally, I should be able to pay for
your judging ($30 per round). There are NO Teaching requirements for the
assistantship position. You only need to help coach the debate team. 

This position is available to cover graduate study in ANY department in the
University (English, History, Poly Sci). I can give you the details about
the communication department and there is a chance I can give you some
details/a contact for other departments as well. I can also put you in
contact with my former graduate assistants to get a sense of how easy/hard I
am to work with. If you are interested in communication, but are unsure
about your focus, we might be a great fit. Our department has had a good
deal of success with the my graduate assistants. My last two grad assistants
(and only two) have been accepted to highly rated graduate programs in
Rhetoric and Political Communication (Rensselaer Polytechnic and University
of Oklahoma).


Contact me for more information.
Ilon Lauer
Director of Debate
Western Illinois University
MI-Lauer at wiu.edu
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