[eDebate] make money at CEDA and NDT by filming debates

Ruth Zisman ruth.zisman
Tue Mar 20 11:24:19 CDT 2007

My debater, Ravenna Wilson, is working on a documentary about debate that
she will be using as part of her senior thesis at Bard College this spring,
and she would like to get good footage of all of her debates at CEDA
Nationals and the NDT. However, filming those debates herself would be kind
of difficult, so she is looking for individuals to film for her.

She is willing to pay $20 in cash for each round filmed. So what this means
is that if you are interested in making $20 doing almost nothing for 2
hours, all you have to do is show up at the room in which BARD SW is
debating (ahead of time please) and tell Ravenna that you are willing to
film. Then you just need to sit there through the debate, turning the camera
on and off and maybe occasionally moving it.

People with some experience using a video camera would be preferred, but
we'll take what we can get. The first person to show up willing to film the
round will get the $20.

So if you have a round off, please come help us and make money!

Also, if you anticipate having many rounds off and would be willing to film
several debates, just let me know.

If you have questions, email me at zisman at bard.edu

Ruth Zisman
Director of Debate
Bard College
zisman at bard.edu
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