[eDebate] George! and it made me smile...

Ken DeLaughder kenedebate
Tue Mar 20 15:26:42 CDT 2007

I thought I would share.  I am watching Home and Garden TV, "My first place" 
(for some reason I am watching design shows alot lately) and I saw two old 
debaters in their first home getting their office redone by the designers... 
Ron and Andrea...

Guess who came in to put up the window blinds... none other than the Ziggy 
himself!  Now I'm sure other people knew about it, but I thought I would 
share the smiles and laughter it caused around my home on this overcast day 
to see George Zeigelmueller putting up window blinds and talking about his 

Thanks George... for everything :)

Ken D.
In law school exile.. lol

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