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Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Tue Mar 20 20:24:58 CDT 2007

There are probably more of these, but this one I had meant to make, but
pasted a bad version...
here is the revised version

This is the only time in a generation that we will debate school segregation
and we did it through what by the end of the year became obviously the least
effective way we could have done it. By channeling the school desegregation
discussion through a very precise part of the law those looking for
empowerment and liberation through a discussion of a hyper relevant
political debate found themselves gobbled up in the  eurocentric white
supremacist culture supporting legal system .I dont doubt that important
struggles have to be fought through the law to bring about material and
attitudinal change in the society at large, nor do i doubt that certain
students "learned alot about school desegregation". Ultimately i believe
though this community handled this topic badly, that much of the education
was shallow. I dont think real understanding of the compelling problems and
potential solutions to racial justice in education where really even dealt
with...largely because the debate structure and its one year colonization by
legal theorists mirrored the eurocentric and racist legal structure, and
made it so they didn't have to be. I.e the lesson of milliken perhaps
mirrored in the community.
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