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Brian Smith Brian.Smith
Tue Mar 20 21:47:17 CDT 2007

Some of you may have forgotten what happened last year with a team
dropping from the NDT very late and the correct alternate (West GA team
of Jason Derby and Rob Eback) not being contacted or included in the
tournament.  I made a pledge then never to let this happen again, and
though I'm a bit delayed in sending out this email, I have not


If you don't remember I laid out my proposal in this post
http://www.ndtceda.com/pipermail/edebate/2006-April/066509.html  (the
explanation of what actually happened last year from Dr. Fritch is at
the bottom of this post
http://www.ndtceda.com/pipermail/edebate/2006-April/066488.html )


In my post I described the role of an "Alternate Contact Person" who
would collect the contact info of the alternates from all the districts
before the NDT and be "on call"  basically until the start of Round 1
willing to contact the correct alternate if a team drops, thus relieving
Dr. Fritch and others directly involved in planning/running the NDT of
the need to wade through the details of contacting the correct people
(which understandably would directly trade off with time they must spend
planning/running the tournament).


There were no objections when I proposed this then (although also no
comments from the NDT committee etc).  So I'm ccing Tim O'Donnell on
this post and hoping he (or someone else reading edebate) can help me
with this process / pass the word/procedure on to Dr. Fritch (I don't
have his email address).   If you know the email address of the relevant
people and care that the right teams get to debate at the NDT, please
forward this along to them.


As I said in the previous post, I am willing to volunteer for this job
to ensure the right teams get to debate at the NDT.  So here goes.
Because of the CEDA is basically upon us I'd like to go ahead and start
collecting contact info from alternates, so if you are an alternate
please send me the cell phone numbers and email addresses of both the
debaters on the alternate team and the coach (or coaches), and please
also specify the preferred person to contact in case of a drop.


Brian Smith


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