[eDebate] Topic Process and other ruminations

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Tue Mar 20 23:35:56 CDT 2007

I love the idea by Mancuso et al that students should get college credit for a
topic paper ( cudos to the person who came up with this).

While I will not be at Jacckie's CEDA Nats, I and my wife will be at the NDT
watching a few rounds. If you have some concerns about the genetic engineering
topic, please come talk to me. I am not as evil as many people say I am. ( Just
a little)

 I have only one real knock against both the proliferation and the Mid-East

We debate both of them every year regardless of the topic. I am ignorant,
granted, but I bet Iraq has come up in  a third of the debates, some how, some
way this year. Proliferation is the same way.

Among three good areas, I'd say genetic engineering is proably the least debated
topic--which means there is a lot of room for exploration. But, in the interest
of fairness, prolif and the Mid-East are indeed timely a dbatable topics.
Genetic Engineering is Exteremly timely too.

One last point, I hope my topic area is not "hijacked." I give very good reasons
why the Resolutions (at least 20 of them) should be chosen. I would hate for the
community to vote on the genetic engineering topic area with a set of
expectations, only to get a kick in the nuts or vagina with a "bait-and-switch"

Scott Elliott

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