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  Mike Maffie asked me to post this to edebate for him.
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Subject: Im Running.
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Date:    Tue, March 20, 2007 3:43 pm
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Hey everyone,

I?d like to announce that I?m running for the student rep for the topic
committee.  I won?t be able to make it to the CEDA tournament for the
election, and I apologize for that, but I?d like to state some of my views
on the topic formation process on edebate.

First, I realize that I?m running as a representative, and therefore your
feedback matters.  In KC last year Malcolm was a great example of how to
collect and incorporate other student viewpoints into the topic process. I
will work to build upon his model and continue the high level of student
input that was put into this year?s resolution.

Second, I promise you that I will work really hard to prepare for the
summer meeting in Virginia this May.  Last year, when I was out in Kansas
City for the topic committee meeting, I learned just how rigorous the
process of creating a resolution is. I learned that being prepared is
essential for having effective input.

A large amount of work goes into the topic process even before we pack up
the vans and head out for a (slightly) less intense debate weekend for the
summer topic committee meeting.  Having helped write the Middle East paper
this year gave me a chance to see how much work goes into not only a topic
paper, but how many details that have to be ironed out even before we
start wording the resolution.

I am committed to making sure there is a high level of student involvement
in the topic process.  Next year will (sadly) be my last year of debating,
and therefore I will do everything I can to make sure the topic turns out
as best as possible.

I know it might be clich? to pick on the China topic, but one of the
things we learned from that experience is to be sure that there is strong
affirmative ground.

I?m not committed to any single structure of resolution ? whether it be a
list or area or a combination of both. The more important factor to me is
that it can sustain the amount of research we all put into the resolution
and that it balances strong affirmatives and strong core negative

I also feel strongly that the resolution should not be crafted from a
?policy-only? perspective.  I believe that any successful resolution
should include room for critical arguments to be run on both the negative
and the affirmative. There are large parts of the community that enjoy
researching and debating critical arguments, and therefore these arguments
should receive serious consideration when crafting the resolution.

Feel free to email me any questions you have, and good luck at CEDA Nats,


Maffiemd at muohio.edu

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