[eDebate] pref sheet clarifications

Gary Larson Gary.N.Larson
Wed Mar 21 11:27:17 CDT 2007

After receiving 100 sheets where there were only a few signs of confusion about how the preference task works, the last few suggest that some are not at all clear what we are doing with prefs.

We are using ORDINAL prefs.  In other words, judges are being RANKED from 1-158 with 1 being best and 158 being worst.  Constraints get coded as 99.

So we could require (as the NDT will) that you have no ties so that the judges are from 1-158.

But we modified that requirement (as do many polls).  You CAN have ties.  Then the question is what number do all of the tied judges get - the top of the range, the middle of the range, the bottom of the range ...?  So that everyone is doing the same thing, we're requiring folks to assign the TOP value.  So if you have 3 judges tied for 2nd, they all are ranked 2 (instead of 3 or 4).

The operative principle of the sheet that I supplied is that when the judges are sorted (a macro does it automatically), you can compare the rank you gave to the absolute rank without ties in the column to the right of your rank.  It must ALWAYS be either less than or equal to that value.  Otherwise the cell will be highlighted red.

If you have other questions, contact me.


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