[eDebate] Lost Tub @ CEDA - ISU MY

partsara at isu.edu partsara
Thu Mar 22 13:00:40 CDT 2007

We are staying at the Super 8 in Norman - and believe that the tub was stolen out of our car last night.  

I am posting to edebate because there is small chance that it was left in the parking lot and that someone else accidentally picked it up.  It is a green rubbermaid tub with a blue or purple lid.  It has a chris coppstead sticker, a kinky friedman sitcker and a chearleading sticker on it.  It also had a white paper with the intials ISU MY taped to the lid.  If anyone finds it, please let us know. 
My cell phone number is 208-251-0138.


Sarah P-L
Idaho State
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