[eDebate] Treasurer Report - CEDA 2007

Kelly McDonald Kelly.McDonald
Sat Mar 24 09:19:44 CDT 2007

Treasurer's Report - CEDA Nationals March 21, 2007


The Numbers:

The financial health of the organization is very good.  The subsidy provided by OU results directly in a saving to the organization of at least $10,000.00 which will stay in the organization's coffer.  Cost saving from the 2006 summer meeting in KC yielded a savings of roughly $2,200.00 over the past two years average expenses.   


The entry numbers for the 2007 nationals were slightly lower than in the past - thus drawing down entry revenue somewhat.  A broader discussion of appropriate expenses and revenues will follow this summer to propose a greater clarity in the organization's budgeting and financial management practices.  This includes, but is not limited to, expected expenses / activities at the national tournament, publication of the journal, management of the summer meeting, honoraria, and trophies at the national tournament.



Editor's Screening Committee Report


I first want to thank the coaches who helped in the process of vetting the files:  Brian McGee; Becky Opsata; Sue Peterson; Danielle Weise; Kristina Whalen.


This has been a year long process that began at the summer meeting in Kansas City starting to brain storm lists of candidates who might likely apply and who we might solicit their nomination.  A number of other people patiently fielded my email pleadings asking for their application or helped provide suitable candidates to solicit for the position.  Thanks to everyone.  


Ultimately, the committee had two candidates files to review for the editorship:  Dr. Allen Louden of Wake Forest University and Dr. Benjamin Voth of Miami University (Ohio).  Reading the letters of recommendation, vitae, and personal statements by the candidates revealed to very engaged scholars of argument, active directors of forensics at excellent programs and institutions who would support their Director serving as an editor. 


After on line deliberations, the committee voted and select Allen Louden as the next editor of Contemporary Argumentation and Debate.  


While the committee was confident each man would be an excellent editor - because of their deep connection to the debate community, dedication to graduate instruction in their departments and programs, Dr. Louden's breadth of experience was a significant asset.


It is my hope that Dr. Voth will consider applying at the editorship's next opening and I want to extend my personal and communal thanks for his willingness to lend his time and talents to the search.  



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