[eDebate] NDT - Important Announcements from the Tournament Director

Timothy O'Donnell todonnel
Mon Mar 26 10:17:44 CDT 2007

These announcements come from Tournament Director Fritch:

1) NDT Preference Sheets are now on. The sheets ask for ordinal rankings. Ordinal rankings will NOT be used at the NDT. However, the preference sheet at debateresults.com will allow you to rank judges. The sheet will then convert your rankings into the categories that will be used at the NDT. There is a button on the web site that will allow you to see how the judges will be categorized.

2) The size of the categories is not yet finalized. I am still trying to determine the effect of the new rules on the size of the judging pool. The final categories will be determined Tuesday night.

3) All teams have entered on the web site. However, not all judging commitments have been finalized. Judging commitments must be finalized by 11 pm Central on Tuesday night. After that, any changes in entries or judging commitments must be made directly through John Fritch.

4) The judge preference form on the web site will be shut off at 12 Noon Central on Thursday of registration.

5) All teams must sign a judge preference form at registration. Forms will be available to be signed at 1:30 pm at registration.

6) All emails from 5 pm Friday until 12 noon Monday MUST be sent to john_fritch at hotmail.com. The University of Northern Iowa is changing email servers this weekend, so I will be unable to access that email until some time on Monday.

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