[eDebate] A Brief Request to Debaters at the NDT

Michael Souders micksouders
Tue Mar 27 11:24:44 CDT 2007

Sirs and Madams,

I have a simple request that  has, until now, seemed implicit in our
community but has not frequently been heeded and which much judging has
urged me to make explicit: Read the judging philosophies.  So many problems
could be avoided.   I know other critics feel me on this request, even if
they will not say so for fear of ever agreeing with me.  And I know, I
know, the first rule of judging philosophies is that they are lies.  But at
least you can address and evaluate those lies instead just blindingly doing
what you always do.  Perhaps I am preaching to choir--those attending the
NDT ostensibly have the knowledge and coaching to ensure they do this
already, but please, please, please do this.  Of course, there is a matter
of self-interest for me so I watch debates tailored to my perspective but I
think the principle holds for everyone that judges or that debates and wants
to win.  But don't read mine as evidence against me.  That might be
embarrassing for me.

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