[eDebate] NDT Alternate Contact Person - an update

Brian Smith Brian.Smith
Tue Mar 27 21:46:38 CDT 2007

CLARIFICATION : My earlier post was not a change in official NDT policy
--- just a suggestion for a backup process.  My post DID NOT mean teams
dropping should contact me instead of the tournament director --- Please
contact Dr. Fritch if you cannot make NDT.  ALSO, my post DID NOT mean
alternates should only send contact info to me and not the tournament
director or their district chair --- if you are an alternate the
Director doesn't have your contact info send it to him.  My proposed
role is merely to back up the current process so the Director has all
the contact information.  I was not intended to make me THE person for
teams to contact instead of the NDT Director. 


Short Version:  I will be collecting contact info IN ADDITION to the
regular process, so if you are an alternate please send contact info to
me as a backup just to be sure.


Hey alternates - send me contact info (cell phones and emails) at
brian.smith at bwater.com or bsmithm at gmail.com


Long Version: After a bit of discussion with Dr. Fritch and Tim
O'Donnell, I've been informed of the plan to deal with the alternates
process.  After the issue last year, much thought was put into what to
do, and it was decided (at the Northwestern meeting) that the district
chairs should be in charge of collecting contact info before the NDT
(just the role I had proposed for myself last year).  We had a more
extended discussion about the merits of the new plan that I think is
worthy of hashing out after the NDT, but for now the process is what is
and don't interpret anything I said as changing NDT policy.   Dr. Fritch
has my contact info and knows I will collecting contact info
independently, and so if for some reason the new process breaks down, I
will serve as a backup for him to get contact info.  Hopefully this will
not be needed, but it will be available if its (as long as y'all
alternates send your info in).


See you in Dallas




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