[eDebate] Student Rep. Meeting Updates

candice moore cmoore075
Fri Mar 30 14:18:16 CDT 2007

Hey everyone, I just wanted to post some updates that were discussed at the 
student meeting held at CEDA. I also wanted to thank everyone who came out 
to the Student Rep. Meeting and gave some amazing opinions to help with more 
student participation in the community. This is the type of action we need 
to make the debate community better as a whole. As always any other opinions 
regarding the updates are greatly appreciated.

At the meeting there were a lot of discussions about the lack of Student 
Repersenatives in each region. We also decided that in order to have more 
participation that we need to have some sort of deadline and election in 
each region to make sure we have student reps. We have talked about setting 
one for this year but that is all contigent on making sure that we have the 
time and students that want to participate. Also this kind of action would 
also need the regional reps to help us find the students that are interested 
in being the rep. or to help elect one as soon as possible. There are more 
details to this but most of this will be in the handbook that explains what 
the duties of a student rep are as well as the national student reps duties.

Another thing that was discussed with some people outside of this meeting 
was maybe setting up a blog to where it would be easier to discuss issues we 
find are important. I think this would be a great idea so that its easier 
access for the community and really shows the opinions of debaters in a 
non-biased setting.

One more really important idea voiced by the some people at the meeting was 
getting to know who our student reps are. We think that we need to show more 
participation in the community or simply just letting people know who you 

These are just some ideas and opinions that we all felt were important. So 
once again please let me know what you think so I can get your voice and 
opinions out there and make sure that next year is beneficial to everyone. 
Thanks again to all that came and gave great ideas to make sure our voices 
are heard!

Candice Moore
National Student Rep 2006-2007

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