[eDebate] NDT -- Rounds, internet, room movement

Stefan Bauschard SBauschard
Fri Mar 30 19:32:34 CDT 2007

1) Rounds 1-3 are online.

2) When using our community internet resources in Salon EF, please do not use filesharing resources such as limewire or download porn.  These are the only two things that slowed us down today.  Limewire filesharing put too much pressure on the network, and the porn someone downloaded contained a virus.

3) There will be a posting on edebate tonight that identifies if you will debate on floor 2, floor 3, or floors 17-19.  There is no specific time for this release, but it will be available as soon as the tab room can produce it.

Ev. storage

1815 -- floors 17-19
Salone A -- floor 2
Bachman -- floor 3

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