[eDebate] Meeting/Participation Concerns

candice moore cmoore075
Sat Mar 31 12:11:15 CDT 2007

I am very sorry that some of the students who wanted to attend the Student 
Rep Meeting and the Elections were not able to go due to travel issues or 
any other issue hindering them from attending both of these very important 
meetings. I will make sure in the future that we post the times and rooms 
reserved for these meetings more than they were this year as well as having 
the National Student Rep post as well. I understand that there was some 
confusion as to where the first meeting was held and that the time of the 
second meeting should of been held later than I already did that evening. I 
would have also delayed the meetings if I knew that more than three schools 
at the time of registration had notified someone from CEDA of their travel 
issues. I also tried to prolong these meeting as much as I could so maybe 
that some people could still attend. Because of those reasons I thought 
having a blog would be a great idea so that the students who could not 
represent themselves in person could write about their ideas or opinions and 
discuss it. I think that what Gabe had to say about the 15-20 persons 
representing the students not being adequate to the size of the community is 
a BIG example as to how we need to start getting out into the community and 
having more participation. I wouldn't blame travel issues to the only reason 
we have a lack of students participation but also take into consideration 
that the students that I heard speak out at the Student Meeting said that 
they didn't have a lot of information about any of the roles we are elected 
for. That is why I am in the process of making a handbook on the duties or 
roles that a Student Rep., National Student Rep., and a Topic Comm. Rep. 
will perform during their terms. I am making sure that we do not have these 
problems or issues anymore. I am also trying to do more with the roles we 
are elected into and really show the community that a students voice does 
matter. I think a big question we should be asking ourselves is how do we 
get more participation with an activity we all love and respect? How do we 
show the community we care about their ideas and opinions no matter what 
they are? The only thing I can say is start talking to everyone about what 
should happen and then act on it and make sure you have a Student Rep. 
elected in your area. Also start using the blog as a non-biased forum to 
express your opinions. Again I am sorry that some students couldn't attend 
the meetings and will make sure that the National Student Rep. next year 
will take the extra step to make sure all our voices are heard.

Thanks for the responses and ideas for a better future,
Candice Moore
National Student Rep. 2006-2007

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