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Very impressive paper on a very compelling topic area. This would be a great topic area next year or, assuming that people's case advantages turn out to be overstated, any year thereafter.
And, the resolution doesn't even require us to decide whether Afghanistan's presence is the Middle East is geographic. In a political sense, I expect it will be very much present. And, of course, final decisions on country lists and wording are topic committee issues at any rate. 
We could, of course, change our internal nonmenclature to please the Middle East geographical purists. Here are several suggestions:
The Mancuso Topic (guarantees immediate passage but risks retraction next fall)
Resolved: Armageddon
Afghanistan, et al. (My favorite, but some could argue APA guidelines would require no fewer than 6 in the final list)
The Near-Iraq Orbit
Iraq by Proxy
Switch Side Policymaking in the Middle East
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Hi everyone,

Here is a link to the topic paper Mike Maffie and I just completed 
regarding the Middle East.

It proposes the following resolution as a starting point:

Resolved:  the United States Federal Government should substantially 
increase its constructive engagement, including economic assistance 
and/or security guarantees with the government of one or more of the 
following: Afghanistan, Iran, Lebanon, the Palestinian Authority, Syria.

www.users.muohio.edu/mancussp/Topic Paper FINAL.doc

Steve Mancuso
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