[eDebate] The Harrison '06 Court = Politics Link Card

Harris, Scott L sharris
Sun Mar 4 21:00:54 CST 2007

The truly ironic fact is that the one person who seems to be directly quoting the original blog out of context is Lindsay herself.  The argument for the context claim in Sherry's post is the allegation that debaters left out a "debaters should argue that Bush gets credit"  qualifier.  The funny thing is that there is no such qualifier in the original evidence and to accuse people of taking something out of context by leaving out a non existent qualifier seems bizarre. 
Now Lindsay says: "I consider evidence 
to be taken out of context if it says, "debaters should argue that bush 
would get credit" and folks read only the part suggesting "bush would get 
credit," thereby attributing that idea to me."

Originally Lindsay said:

Does the Court Act as "Political Cover" for the Other Branches? 

While the Supreme Court may have historically been able to act as political cover for the President and/or Congress, that is not true in a world post-Bush v. Gore. The Court is seen today as a politicized body, and especially now that we are in the era of the Roberts Court, with a Chief Justice hand picked by the President and approved by the Congress, it is highly unlikely that Court action will not, at least to some extent, be blamed on and/or credited to the President and Congress. The Court can still get away with a lot more than the elected branches since people don't understand the technicalities of legal doctrine like they understand the actions of the elected branches; this is, in part, because the media does such a poor job of covering legal news. Nevertheless, it is preposterous to argue that the Court is entirely insulated from politics, and equally preposterous to argue that Bush and the Congress would not receive at least a large portion of the blame for a Court ruling that, for whatever reason, received the attention of the public. 

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I'm having trouble finding the qualifier in her claim that it would be preposterous to think otherwise.  I think the fact that Lindsay is uncomfortable being quoted in college debate rounds has led to some serious historical revisionism about what her blog said/meant.

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