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Matt Moore matt_moore85
Mon Mar 5 13:03:48 CST 2007

> that said, I'll also note that I don't think the blog is real inviting of > discussion. people have to go to the blog site. then they have to type in > security codes and other info to make a post. this is not generative of a > discussion.The codes are a necessary step. Spam programs scour blog pages for unsecured comment sections and immediately begin posting. I have had comments appear on videos that I have posted to the video blog in less than five minutes. The blog would be even less functional without some means to filter the spam. This is the easiest available means to do so. I think the term "security codes" is a making it out to be more than it is. Word verification exists on numerous sites for this reason. You make it sound like you need to know the secret knock to have an opinion on the topic. 
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